PALANTIR – Practical Autonomous Cyberhealth for resilient SMEs & Microenterprises


Duration: 36 months

Topic: H2020 – Digital Security

Summary: PALANTIR aims at bridging the gap between large enterprises and SMEs/MEs, by providing multi-layered, infrastructure-wide threat monitoring, cyber-resiliency and knowledge sharing in a heterogeneous ecosystem, while at the same time being able to market these services to third parties in the form of Security-as-a-service (SECaaS). PALANTIR will implement a coherent privacy assurance, data protection, incident detection and recovery framework, focusing on the case of highly dynamic service-oriented systems and networks, taking advantage of their inherent programmability features and abstractions. PALANTIR will also focus on cyber-resiliency leveraging the features of service-oriented systems key building features by a) applying and exploiting Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies; b) considering emerging paradigms such as the application of scalable artificial Intelligence, standardization and threat-sharing techniques to risk analysis, network operation, monitoring and management and c) ensuring the SME’s compliance with the relevant data privacy and protection regulations in the data breach age, implementing the «Privacy by Default» and the «Privacy by Design» principles on how personal data is collected, used, transferred and stored between 3rd party businesses and entities. The end result will be an evolving, expandable and unified framework, tailored to the individual needs of every SME and ME, reducing the complexity level of usual security tools while still being affordable and thus attractive for adoption.