Welcome to DBC Europe S.A

Business consulting and advisory services worldwide for private, public entities and international organizations in all sectors. DBC Europe operates in Brussels since 2015 and has extensive experience in European funded technical assistance projects  and EU Horizon grants.


DBC Europe operates in Brussels since 2015 and has extensive experience in European funded technical assistance projects  and EU Horizon grants.

DBC-Europe S.A. is subsidiary of DIADIKASIA Business Consulting (DBC) in Greece ranging among the most extrovert and competitive SMEs in Greece, with exports representing 30% of total annual turnover (3-year average), and presence in the wider region of Balkans, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

Experts of DBC Europe have proven and practical professional experience in international project management and financing. They also have different background in areas ranging from research and innovation, regional development and economic cooperation; sustainable economic growth; public administration reform; governance; social inclusion; entrepreneurship; information and communication technologies; energy; security; cybersecurity; eHealth; transport; agriculture; environment.Experts of DBC Europe successfully participate in international development and institutional reform projects, funded by the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the World Bank and proposals funded by European research programmes, such as HORIZON 2020


Policy, Economic
Regional Development

• Institutional Capacity Building and Development
• Technical Assistance to public sector organizations
• Technical Assistance to private sector organizations including support to SMEs, Chambers etc
• Public Administration Reform
• Regulatory Impact Assessment & Standard Cost Model (SCM)
• Reengineering
• Statistics, data collection and analysis

Information & Communication

• IT Consulting
• GDPR consulting
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
• E-government services (B2B B2C..etc)
• Business Intelligence design and implementation
• ERP Systems design
• IT Systems Implementation Project Management

Energy services

• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Energy efficiency
• Planning and management of environmental projects

Financial Advisory

• Corporate Finance
• Corporate Debt Restructuring
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• State Financing of Private Investments
• Feasibility Studies
• Real Estate Development Advisory
• Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
• Privatization Advisory

Research & Development (R&D)

• Big data analytics
• Machine learning
• IoT technologies
• Project Management
• Exploitation of research results
• Dissemination and communication
• Market analysis and business plans for innovative products and technologies
• General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)



Governmental Organizations

  • Central Finance and Contracts Unit in Turkey
  • Ministry of Transport, Maritime & Communication in Turkey
  • Ministry of Public Finance in Turkey
  • Ministry of Education & Science in Kyrgyzstan
  • Ministry of Justice in Georgia
  • Ministry of Interior in Romania
  • Ministry of Health in Romania
  • Office for Kosovo & Metojia
  • State Planning Commission of Syria
  • Croatian Employment Service
  • Ministry of Health – Romania
  • Ministry of Administration and Interior -Romania

Universities & Research Institutions

  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Universitat de Lleida
  • THE University OF Sussex
  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
  • Universita’ degli Studi di Messina
  • Vienna University of Technology
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology

European & International Bodies

  • European Commission
  • World Bank


  • National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)
  • T.E.A.V.E LTD
  • AkoTec Produktionsgesellschaft mbH
  • ÖkoFEN Pelletsheizung
  • Alpes Lasers S.A.
  • QuantaRed Technologies GmbH
  • IRsweep AIG
  • IMEC- Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum
  • CTR – Carinthian Tech Research AG
  • OMV- Exploration & Production GMBH
  • TUPRAS – Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation
  • Alpes Laser SA
  • AUG Signals Ltd